Our Story

My happy cookie is a happy project led by me, my brother with the support of my mum.
“I've been asking mummy to bake her signature cookies and it's been 7 years since she last baked. Mummy would always say she could only bake when she was happy.”
Our Story
This 2023, she started to bake again but this time with us involved. We had a fun time mixing colours into the dough and making animal shaped cookies so that we could bring it to school for our friends. They felt happy eating it and loved it so much that they asked to buy some, and that’s our story of how My Happy Cookie was founded. Mummy also wants this project to teach us the value of money, learn to earn for things we want in life as well as to do our part for society. So we donate a portion of our proceeds to charities of our choice.
My Happy Cookie
Our mission is to bring joy through our cookies. With so much conflict going on in the world, we want to do our part to spread joy which is why our cookies are baked with Happiness, which summarizes our tagline Happiness in every cookie. May you feel the joy whenever you eat our cookies! Follow us on IG and blog to get updates on our journey. Love,
Lyra, Caelum and our mummy